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they say that pain makes us stronger.

So why can I not pick up my own fridge by now?
Technically I should be able to hoist the house from its moorings and trod about with it on my back.

I think I need help.
Someone to talk to
Someone ..
I am so at the end of so many ropes...and here I dangle.

ahh fuckit


undo undo

re do

what if life had an undo option..what would you undo?

Here is your horoscope
for Friday, December 31:

You're free to attend any event, or even stay home if that's your mood. Formal attire is optional although, unless you're in very intimate company, some clothing might be a good idea. The evening is yours to enjoy.

Well there go all my plans to heck in a hand cart!
I was planning to run amock in the neighbourhood wearing my bday suit!

Ahh well it would not be the same, what with no flowers to scoop!

Course I could make snow sculptures ..in this rain they would become ice sculptures in no time!
Look Ma no hands!!!

I can not look at these pink labels anymore.

Holidays, I had four days off, my plans were to sleep for 4 days. It did not work out that way at all!

First : Christmas eve, we had to do some shopping in Ashawahaha, so we decided to stop in and see an old friend, Jim.,...or JAMES as he prefers to be called these days. Anyhoo..we get there say our His and Merry Hohos and what not and try to split as soon as possible.

Then he lays this on us. He is planning to MARRY HER..and wants us to stay to witness the proposal. Well folks I imagine that must be what it is like to witness an accident, horrid and gruesome but you can not look away. The awful bit is she said yes.

Anyway we did not get free of there until 10 pm.
Christmas morning, excellent, we slept in, Wayne woke up and played with his new slot car set, the kid played with his new X Box, the cats played with each other, and I played with headache medications, trying to find just the right one to go with the monumental hang over I had acquired from the previous evenings festivities, not that I drank much at all I worked till late and forgot to pack any food, so I had a couple of ceasers on an empty stomach. And telling Jim to make it a small one as I had not eaten was somehow interpreted as "pour as much Vodka as you can get into a tumbler and lets have at it!"

Once I had found the perfect balance of coffee, baileys and pills, I set out to wrap presents. Now there never has been, nor will there ever be, a trace of Martha Stewart in my veins, so wrapping is usually a high tension activity. Strangely this year the balance of drugs I had ingested relieved all tensions, and with the possible exception of fighting off the desire to crawl into the wrapping paper and take a nap, it went rather well, so well in fact I may have to drug my body in preparation for every gift wrapping occasion to come!

Off to the parents, to drink more wine, much more wine, eat excessively and flop about. Emmy had a blast, the kid and Jennifer hung about being far to cool to associate with any of the rest of us, Peter drank enough to forget how we were all related to each other, Jerome drank just enough to spend a large part of the time on Emmy's trike, much to the amusement of everyone but Christine.

We left there at about 11 pm, drove home. relit the fire and relaxed till sleep overcame us.
Up late again on boxing day, we had planned lunch at the outlaws, instead, somehow, unknown to me of course. it became dinner.
We had party to attend in Toronto that evening, but I assumed we would still be able to make it. Eat, presents drive to Bowmanville to grab Cory, then off to the city.
Of course dinner ran too late, by the time we got to Bowmanville the windshield wipers had gone on the van, so off Wayne went in pursuit of replacement wipers on Boxing day evening ...needless to say that was more of a Quest than one wants to attempt during the holidays let alone in the night time when everything is closed.

Eventually he did find some, but by that time it was late, and we had the kids, so we just went home and went to bed. The kids stayed up till the wee hours playing Xbox.

Monday.............we were on the road again! I seem to remember saying that I waned to sleep the holidays away
Must have been my instance that I wanted sleep that provoked the three day traveling road show!

Finally. Tuesday I got to spend the day in my PJs and lay about!!

I did manage to acquire lots of wonderful delicacies to eat, great wines to consume and an entire wheel of brie. Although I was sort of not expecting guests I was sort of expecting them as well.

And although they did not come, which meant I did not have to deal, I did miss them. First Christmas with out that part of the family for a long time.

OK break is over, back to the madness!

Egrets Moose
Wee fish ewe a mare egrets moose wee fish ewe a mare egrets moose and a hippo gnu ear

Christmas had a great day with the family..got "Kawartha Chairs" three of them, they are awesome!

Had a successful day off... spent the day in my PJs.
In this family that ranks as a successful day off!

Got a Italian deep fryer, made panzorotis (spelling???)
Made an Asiago Cheese and Artichoke paste, to use instead of tomatoe sauce, stuffed them with fresh ground basil, peppers, sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto, grilled red peppers, grilled chicken, sauted shitake mushrooms, brown mushrooms, grilled onions, hot pepperoni and mild pepperoni, Asiago cheese, Mozzarella cheese, pine nuts, roasted garlic and fresh diced tomatoes.

Have not had any visitors. I was right.
I have a sense about these things.

the baking is a bust, I have no sugar.
Work called, now they want three or four new label designs for tomorrow.

And while I am at it why not paste a happy face on the moon.......

Did I say ARGH yet?

I have a huge wedge of brie, some wine and half a pack of smokes....I am on a mission from dog!

Current Mood: distresseddistressed


Van no workie
I no workie.
I think this is a sign that I am supposed to stay home and bake.
Biscotti, truffles, short bread and assorted goodies are in my future.

OK .. so the girl who runs the store had to leave early the part time girl is sick , so I am left to run the store in their absence.

A woman comes in and buys two bags of dog food, we have these customer cards which are stamped when a person comes in and makes a pruchase...
Anyhow, I ring inher sale, I ask if she has a card, she says "yes" I ask her name.. she replies FOX
I search for a card for the name FOX, to no avail, she then goes on to explain it is spelled "FAUX"
O I say,
Well that would make your dad a "FAUX PA"

She just stood there and looked atme with a strange face.
No he is named Brain.

Well...... I carry out her dog food there is another woman in the store, upon my return she bursts into laughter and says that was so funny .. but I do not think she got it at all.


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