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May 2008
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working late again.. but I would rather be sleeping

I work in the only industry which dictates you spend your life time in front of a non communicative box.
Hallo to all LJ'ers out there!!

Shit it has been a while since I was here last..got rather tired of work so...I wandered about reading for a while.


Hmm....Life is what it is, my katten is gone now I miss him like mad.

My puppy Bart is big and hogs all my bed and steals my pillow everynight.

My kid is a teenager, tall, messy and very vocal about the injustices he suffers at my command ( wake up.. go to school.. take out the garbage..)

My girlfriend fianlly found true love, looks like marriage is on her horizon finally.

My other son has left home.. (not mine.. his real Mom's)hope they can work it out though.

As for me...I am still a nerd...sitting up till all hours coding.

*damn I need a nap, a vacation and a new body..not necessarily in that order*

Current Location: chair
Current Music: the sound of machines humming all around me
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