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May 2008
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:o) [userpic]
has it been that long

it has......................

In order ..........not of importance.

1. Still here in my log home in Cottage country.
2. makin sites in xhtml and css only these days
3. Kid is over 6 feet tall and has a head full of dreadlocks now
4. CJ my dog died
6. Viper my cat died
7. found a dog Rain who is called "the damn dog who will not come out of the lake"
8 she had 8 puppies
9 I have one puppy still he is Bart who is called "pilfer"
10 the lake thawed
11 summer is enroute finally
12 I make kick ass bagels
13 I cut off all my hair
14 I am 42 now
15 I have a 2001 Blue Cavalier now and the best part is .. I bought it myself :P
16 My life seems dull to others but they need to know my underwear drawer to fully understand me
17 I got a kitten Max who is called "katten from hell"
18 I loves Jazz do wop de do
19 I was in the Vagina Monologues......I played the vagina
20 I smoke too much
21 I drink good red wine
22 I do not stomp wine grapes.. but will stomp crackers at the slightest provocation
23 I am still usually right
24 I have a large nose..and I still smell ok
25 I am still a geek.. but it suits me ok
26 I am out of stuff
27 No wait there is more .........my son has mastered the art of juggling and riding a unicycle at the same time


Wow.. quite the list...

I'm sorry to hear CJ passed... seeing as my name is CJ, I get attached to people and critters I share my name with.

My first dog, Max, passed away in January.


Sorry to read that..my Kitten is called Max..or Kitler. Long story....