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May 2008
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Finagle's Law

"The perversity of the Universe tends towards a maximum.'

Thought Spring had arrived, I cleaned ...so it snowed for three days.
Got a friend and her kids settled.
Work is fucked as usual. I really need a better job.
This place is getting to me.
Kid is over 6 feet tall now. Hope to grab "lunch box" for his B day party.
Damn the kids are going to be old enough to drive this year...
Fuck I am old !
Life always works out, people find they get what they need.

Do not greive for what you think you have lost, because you never actually had it.
It is easy for some types of people to pull the wool over the eyes of the desperate and lonely, be careful you are not one of the foolish ones. 

Fortune cookies to live by...............................or are they?  

Beware the fortune cookie...

they mislead....the real answer is 42.

I think you are right,

I think i never actually had it either.